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Mirzapur 2: When is ‘Guddu Bhaiya’ getting married? Know what Ali Fazal said about marriage

Ali Fazal will be seen in the character of ‘Guddu Bhaiya’ of Mirzapur season 2. Fans are praising his character after watching the trailer of Mirzapur 2 released a few days ago. Ali Fazal has achieved a special place in the Bollywood film industry with his different characters. He has also worked in the Hollywood film Furious 7. In December this year, another Hollywood film ‘Death of the Nile’ is going to be released. Talking about their personal life, Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha have been in a relationship for the last few years. The two had announced to get married earlier this year but had to postpone their marriage due to a coronavirus epidemic.

When are you getting married? Ali Fazal recently spoke about his marriage and Mirzapur 2 in a BBC interview. On marrying Richa Chadha, he said that this year has been very bad for everyone before the world opens up a little. He told, ‘Let this year pass, somehow, we all faced many difficulties, we all did not hear some good news this year. We are waiting for a little world to open, a little bit of mercy. When people feel a little safe, then we can celebrate.

How did you get Mirzapur- Ali Fazal says that he was chosen for the role of Guddu Bhaiya only after seeing his previous characters. He further stated in the interview, ‘There were one or two people who did my name for this character. According to our image, we also get rolls. I got this role after seeing the characters that I have played earlier in my career. In this role, I felt that I can do something different because I have seen the world there. There was an image of Guddu in my mind, and I liked that someone thought that I was perfect for that character.

Guddu Bablu- in the names of maternal uncles Ali Fazal reported that the childhood names of his two maternal uncles were ‘Guddu’ and ‘Bablu’ and that some of his manners also meet Guddu and Bablu in Mirzapur. He said, ‘I have to take some specifics for Guddu’s character from my maternal uncle. I have two uncles and it is strange that their names were also Guddu and Bablu in childhood. Some of his qualities were also met by the characters. When I started making characters, my attitude went towards both of them.

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