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We are taking the loss of democracy, try to break it as soon as the law is made ..- Mukesh Khanna said

Mukesh Khanna often expresses his views through social media. Due to his statements, he sometimes gets into controversies. Mukesh Khanna has now said that we are taking the loss of democracy. He also says that India should have a two-party system just like America. He said these things through a video on his YouTube channel ‘Bhishma International’.

He said, ‘India is considered the largest Democratic country. It is nice to hear, but I feel sad when we keep taking the loss, not the benefit of that democracy. Gradually, now man is becoming so vicious that he is taking advantage of the law. We have a famous saying that the day the law is made in the country, the day before that how the law is broken, work on it starts.

Mukesh Khanna said that the law of our country runs on the evidence and due to this many vicious people are not caught. They say that if a rich person commits a crime in our country, then he is also left early on the strength of money. He said, “It happens in the Democratic country because the Democratic country runs on evidence, and erasing the evidence is a game of their left hand.”

Mukesh Khanna says that we are taking the loss of democracy because in this we find ways to protect ourselves. He said that stick for such people is necessary. He said, ‘Stick is needed in our country. Till the time the stick comes, the people who become Alexander will keep doing it. Mukesh Khanna is of the opinion that just as there are only two parties in America and Britain, India should also have only two parties.

Mukesh Khanna said, ‘BJP is the biggest party. So make this announcement about BJP and all other parties on one side and make it necessary that they all join together. BJP on one side and a party made up of all parties on the other side and get elections done. It will be beneficial that only one party will be the ruling party. Nowadays the bill is not allowed to pass because small political parties get here and there for the benefit. ‘

Mukesh Khanna has a clear view that there should be only two parties in the country so that according to him, the country’s progress can be smooth.

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