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Munawar Farooqui Case: Comedian Nalin Yadav forced to become daily wage laborers…

Comedian Nalin Yadav was arrested for “insulting Hindu deities”. After this, they have been vine recently. Now the news has come that comedian Nalin has given up her passion (comedy) and started working as a laborer. Nalin used to make people laugh at programs and events. Nalin, who made people laugh by doing comedy for a decade and a half, has now stopped laughing and is working at a daily wage of 200 rupees. Nalin says that in this difficult time, all the close people turned away from him.

What was the matter: Nalin Yadav was arrested on January 1 in Indore along with Farooqui and five others. A complaint was made against them. He got bail on 26 February. After the arrest, Nalin Yadav’s life changed completely and he stopped doing comedy. In Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, Eklavya Singh Gaur, son of local BJP MLA Malini Laxman Singh Gaur, accused him of “insulting Hindu deities”. After this, he was arrested.

According to HT’s report- Nalin told me that in my childhood days people and their friends used to say that their humor is very good. I have the skills to make people laugh. I took these words very serially. In such a situation, he kept doing comedy for many years. I did not feel bad at all when people encouraged me. Now after doing so much hard work, I have nothing left today. I am working today.

He further said- ‘I lost my father a few years ago. The first few months had lost its mother. Meanwhile, my friends and some of my loved ones supported me. My 17-year-old brother is also Akash, we have never found ourselves alone in the meantime. ‘

Yadav further said that- ‘Even when I was in jail, I did not feel bad nor did the depressed feel because I had the support of the people. And my four special friends Prakash Vyas, Edwin, Sadaqat, and Pathan were with me. Who always supported me. Used to appreciate my comedy shows. I hoped that everything would be the same. ‘

Nalin Yadav had fallen alone: He said that he was very surprised when he came out on the vine and found himself alone. People broke up with us. Yadav said- ‘Everything changed within 25 days, no one even called me. I did not want to know till recently. Neighbors look at me as if I am a criminal. Some of my friends and my younger brother collected money and got me sold. Now I do not want anyone to support me.

Let me tell you that Eklavya Singh, son of MLA Malini Laxman Singh Gaur, alleges that vulgar comments were made about Hindu deities, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and Godhra incident at a function held on the evening of January 1 in a cafe in the city.

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