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Muslim father got Hindu son married, 16 years before he was adopted by an orphan

While on one hand there are communal incidents happening in many parts of the country, on the other hand, there are some people who rise above religious discrimination and show humanity. Something similar was seen in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh. Where a Muslim father got a Hindu son married with a lot of pomp. The Muslim elder adopted this orphan 16 years ago.

Sher Khan, a resident of Several tehsil of Ghazipur, adopted a boy named Pappu 16 years ago. Pappu’s parents had died in childhood. After which Sher Khan adopted Pappu. Sher Khan not only gave a good upbringing to Pappu but also got her married with great pomp. On March 22, on the wedding day, Sher Khan not only decorated his son’s head but also went to the girl’s house with a wedding procession. People from Sher Khan’s family also attended the wedding fiercely.

Sher Khan also expressed happiness over the marriage of his adopted son. Sher Khan’s son Pappu is married to Bahadur Ram’s daughter Kashmira from Utrauli village. Sher Khan told that Pappu did not have any relationship with him, so I considered my son and got him married in his own religion and his own fraternity. However, till now the young man lived with his father Sher Khan. But now his father has also built a house for the young man and his wife where he will live with his wife.

Sher Khan has four sons in his family besides his wife. Pappu considers Sher Khan’s four sons as elder brothers. Since childhood, Pappu had the freedom to celebrate all kinds of Hindu festivals despite being in a Muslim family. Sher Khan never allowed religion to come between him and Pappu’s relationship.

There is a lot of talk of this marriage in the surrounding areas. People are describing Sher Khan and Pappu’s relationship on social media as a unique example of social harmony.

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