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Karnataka: Muslim man built the temple, told- priest gave the advice in difficult times

In communally sensitive Dakshina Kannada near Malki In Kawatharu village, a Muslim person has set a unique example of religious harmony. 65-year-old P Kasim of Kawatharu village has been worshiping at the Korgajja temple for a long time. Not only this, he himself built this temple on the advice of a priest.

Originally 65-year-old P Kasim, a resident of Chittalancherry in Palakkad district of Kerala, had come to Mulki about 30 years ago. Many years ago, when he was facing difficulties in his personal life, a priest asked him to set up the temple. The priest told P Kasim that Korgajja God removes people’s troubles and fulfills their wishes. After which, P. Kasim built the temple of Korgajja Lord, considered as the form of Lord Shiva.

65-year-old P Kasim told news agency PTI that people of different faiths also come to this temple to offer prayers. At the same time, Qasim said that after building the temple, he has also stopped going to the mosque and he does not eat non-vegetarian food. Although the children of Qasim still go to the mosque, they also have faith in the Korgajja temple.

P. Kasim himself performs puja in the temple and also the Kalotsava festival is celebrated every other year in this temple. Clotsav is a festival celebrated in the Shiva temple in southern Karnataka and adjoining areas.

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