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NavIC: Indian smartphones will now have indigenous GPS


NavIC GPS : The ‘navigator’ will show your smartphone the way to go anywhere in the country from January next year (January 2023). Actually, the central government has issued an order to all smartphone makers to install the indigenous navigation system NavIC GPS (NavIC) in the phone before launching their phones in the market.

However, this ‘self-reliant India campaign’ of the government has created panic among the phone makers. Manufacturers are saying that we will have to change the hardware for this navigation system, which will make smartphones expensive. According to industry sources, all major smartphone makers from Samsung, Xiaomi to Apple have put this issue before the government.

NavIC GPS:- Smartphone makers have raised objections

It has been told in the report that according to the officials of two major companies associated with the smartphone industry and government documents, the smartphone makers have raised objections to the government regarding the sailor. In private meetings held in August and September, Apple Inc., Xiaomi Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., and other companies expressed concern over the proposal.

According to these companies, advanced research and production cost will have to be increased more to make the phone navigator compliant. Companies say that these changes will require more testing clearance, which will ruin the entire business and already planned phone launches in the process of doing it within the deadline of January 1.

Smartphone companies asked for time till 2025

Smartphone companies have sought time for this to make necessary changes in the phone. Companies have asked the government to give time till 2025. Now the government can give a decisive decision on this in the next few days.

Let us tell you, late at night, the IT Ministry clarified by tweeting that no time limit has been fixed for the sailor to be made a part of smartphones. All the meetings that have taken place regarding this have been done for discussion. At present, this issue is being discussed with all the stakeholders.

What is a sailor?

In the year 2018, India introduced its indigenously built Regional Navigation Satellite System, which got the name Navigation with the Indian Constellation. this prime minister Narendra Modi It is a part of the self-reliant India campaign of (Narendra Modi).

Through this, the Indian government wants to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign systems. The government says that more accurate navigation results will be available inside the country by the navigator and it can be used to benefit the economy.

Smartphone manufacturers got this order

According to an exclusive report from Reuters, the government has said that China, the European Union, Japan, and Russia are also using their global or regional navigation systems as rivals to GPS. In comparison, since the year 2018 till now, the use of navigators has been at a very low level in the country.

In the report, quoting documents related to the government and smartphone industry, it has been claimed that officials related to the Modi administration and space program want to increase the use of sailors. For this reason, orders have been given from smartphone manufacturers to install GPS as well as navigators in every new phone. It was further told that these new phones can be launched in the market for sale from January 2023.

Samsung’s voice was the loudest

According to Reuters, on 2 September 2022, officials from the IT Ministry and ISRO had a closed-door meeting with top smartphone makers and chipmakers. In this meeting, Samsung India Head Binu George warned the government in very strict words on the concerns of increasing production costs. The company also said that this will affect the planning of its phones to be launched in 2024. However, ISRO has promised to provide technical support to all the companies.

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