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Minister should talk, sent sentry – NIA sent a notice to farmers’ movement supporters

The deadlock continues with talks between the government and farmers regarding new agricultural laws. There have been 9 rounds of talks between the farmers’ representatives and the government, but each round of negotiations has ended unnecessarily. Now the next round of talks is scheduled on January 19. The farmers are firm on their stand that their movement will end only when the central government withdraws all three agricultural laws.

Meanwhile, some people supporting the farmers’ movement were sent a notice by the NIA (National Investigation Agency) and called for questioning today. Farmer leader Baldev Singh Sirsa, who was involved in talks with the government on behalf of the farmers, was also given this notice of the NIA and he was to be questioned today. However, he did not appear before the NIA today citing health reasons.

Regarding this, senior journalist Punya Prasun Bajpayee has taunted and said that while the ministers of the government are talking to the farmers on one side, they are also being sent notices on the other side. Many people say that the government is doing this to intimidate, threaten the supporters of the movement.

He tweeted and said, ‘Minister should talk, sent sentries .. Look is on the land of agriculture.’ Users are also giving their feedback on this tweet. Anurag Verma wrote, ‘Adani Ambani will only benefit from the Kisan Bill. Farmers’ land will be ruled by industrialists and farmers will be laborers on their own land. Farmers do not accept farm bills.

Manoj Jain wrote, ‘This is the condition of this government (Dante Ko Chota Kotwal), not a government but a drama company.’ Hariom Sonakia wrote, ‘Farmers do not expect to get anything by being a petitioner from a merciless, dogmatic government. Now the time has come to convert from apolitical to political. We should also stay in the field and try to sit in Parliament.

Some people are also trolling the virtuous Prasoon Bajpayee. A user named Nationalist wrote, ‘Send Khalistani money, Lutyens media set on fire, the motto of both of them .. just as they provoke riots.’

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