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Nishakant Ojha: Indigenous attackers engaged in making drones

In the coming months, India will have its own attacking drone, which will be based entirely on ‘Make in India’. The work of making it has started. It will be based on state-of-the-art technology, which will play an effective role in killing the enemies as well as in preventing terrorism and cyber-attack. It is under construction under the supervision of Dr. Nishakant Ojha, who works on cybersecurity and anti-terrorism techniques for the paramilitary forces of the country.

Nishakant hails from Allahabad. His early studies were done in Allahabad itself. He then earned his Ph.D. from Denmark. He has worked in Russia and Sudan. Many have served in the Middle East Country as security advisory services. He is currently doing Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL) as a cyber and air safety consultant.

Nishakant says that most of the defense equipment in our country comes from outside. The drones that we buy from outside have to pay more than 200 crores, while we can build it ourselves in our country for 40 to 50 crores. Secondly, these drones are not completely new. We have to buy old technology.

They say that at the same time it is not right to depend on other countries in terms of security, because whenever a country gives software to another country, it keeps its access to it somewhere or the other. Take the example of China. Chinese cameras are installed in many places in the country. Through this, China keeps taking information about us here. Many such things have been revealed. They say that recently I had informed the government about more than six lakh such cameras.

Nishakant says that I help other countries in defense and cybersecurity. So why can’t I take steps for my country? This is how we started working on the counter-drone. Nishakant says that we are working on the transfer of technology. There are many small countries that have the technology but do not have the resources. Similarly, there are many startup companies in the country, which have plans but do not have funds. We are taking the help of these two. We will provide royalty to the countries from whom we will take the technology. We are fully working on the lines of Make in India. All its parts and software will be made in India only.

Nishakant says that this drone will be completely unmanned. It also has radar. Its programming will be done in such a way that it can also be self-operated and it can be controlled by sitting in the office if needed. Once charged, it can monitor the air for four to five days. It can also be recalled when the battery is depleted or needed. Its speed will be 440 kilometers per hour and it will be able to work up to a height of 55 thousand feet.

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