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No neutral voice for the Farmers.- Dr. Kumar Vishwas

In the Rajya Sabha, two bills related to the agriculture sector have passed by voice vote in the Rajya Sabha today, amidst the ongoing opposition from the farmers regarding the three farm bills. Meanwhile, Kumar Vishwas said that not a single true, neutral and only farmers voice is there today. Kumar Vishwas also mentioned the names of former politicians voicing the interests of farmers during this period.

Kumar Vishwas tweeted, ‘The question is not whether the future of the country’s donors, the Parliament is deciding today! It is a matter of concern that this period is the absence of voices like Chaudhary Charan Singh, Chaudhary Devi Lal, Rajesh Pilot, Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tikait and Shetkari Sanghatna’s Sharad Joshi. He further wrote that there is not a single true, neutral and only farmer voice. This tweet of Kumar Vishwas is getting a lot of reactions from users. While some users are targeting the government, some are raising issues related to farming. At the same time, some are targeting Kumar.

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One user wrote, In the ancient times, in the court of Indian kings, there were only praetors (bhats), only they were honored with government (Rajshri) honors. The tradition continues even today. Jai Jai Shri Ram.

At the same time, a user named Gulshan Kumar, while replying to Kumar Vishwas, wrote, Raj Darbari fake poet who becomes unsafe after hearing the truth, the soulless mind of the people of the nation determines which poet will live the nation-mind, which poet Sheesh will bow in the court Governments will come, will go! But peace will not be our flattery to the beloved community.

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A user wrote with this, the intention of the governments has neither been consistent with the poets nor the youth. What will they employ? We are giving them employment by choosing them ourselves. Remember, Guruvar, if we do not have the strength to tell the truth to the truth and lie to the lie, then we are not able to show our forward descendants.

One user commented the farmer is not an idiot who will provoke them. In such an epidemic, the streets are not there for so many days. At the same time, one wrote back on Kumar Vishwas, so why don’t you become a voice ?? When the monopoly of some families on APMC is going to end, will it not benefit even one farmer? Will the farmer be able to sell his produce anywhere throughout India, will it not benefit even a single farmer?

Regarding the new central government bill, a user wrote that with the new bill, the middlemen will be removed from the farmers and the mandis. And the farmers will have the full right to sell their goods. The law is clear, but there is no politics in India.

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Attacking Kumar Vishwas, another wrote that till today you could not differentiate between lies and truth. He said you could not succeed because of your similar politics.

The user further wrote that apart from you, every other person considers a thief corrupt and a liar, so no true person can be seen by you. That is the story, Duryodhana can only be seen by all Duryodhana. Whether it is farmers bill or CAA and NRC, you have not been able to decide for yourself the truth and lies.


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