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Nomenclature of Covid-19 viruses… Kappa, Delta, Lota, Zeta and Gamma

The forms B.1.617.1 and B.1.617.2 detected for the first time in India of the coronavirus will henceforth be known as ‘Kappa’ and ‘Delta’ respectively.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a new system of nomenclature of different forms of the corona, under which different forms of the virus will be identified through letters of the Greek language. The decision was taken to simplify public discourse on the virus and to wash away the stigma on names.

In fact, three weeks ago, India had objected to the B.1.617 form of the novel coronavirus being described in media reports as ‘Indian form’. In the background of the same, WHO has taken this step. In this sequence, the United Nations Health Agency has named the E.1.617.1 form of Covid-19 as ‘Kappa’ and the E 1.617.2 form ‘Delta’. Both these forms of the virus first appeared in India. Announcing the new system of nomenclature, the United Nations Health Agency said the new system is for naming forms “simple, easy to speak and remember.”

To name the countries where the virus first appeared is to stigmatize and favoritism. “These new names will not replace current scientific names because scientific names convey important information about them and will continue to be used in research,” the WHO said in a tweet on Monday. These formats are still known by their technical letter-number codes or as the formats of the countries where they first appeared.

This type of pattern, which first appeared in Britain, is now known as E., it will henceforth be called ‘alpha’. E.1.351 The form, also known as the South African form, will be called the ‘beta’ form. The Brazilian P1 form of the virus will be known as ‘gamma’ and the P.2 form ‘zeta’. The forms of the virus found in America will be known as ‘epsilon’ and ‘lota’.

The following worrying forms will be named in this order. The WHO said that this new system is the result of expert groups. It said that the scientific nomenclature system would not be abolished.

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