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Patra said to Pappu Yadav in Republic Debate – You are serious, Pappu Ji with intelligent

Farmers of the country are on the streets in protest against the new agricultural bills. Farmers have encamped at many borders coming to the national capital Delhi. Despite several rounds of negotiations between the farmer and the government, the deadlock is not breaking. The Supreme Court has constituted a committee prohibiting agriculture bills, whose members are constantly raising questions.

There is a lot of discussion about the farmer movement in TV debates as well. Today in the Debate of Republic India, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra started calling Pappu Yadav, the head of the Jan Adhikar Party, and former MP Pappu Yadav a good person. Speaking on the members of the committee in the debate, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, ‘Respected Pappu ji, the Bharatiya Janata Party has not formed a committee, it is the Supreme Court of the country i.e. the Supreme Court has formed a committee of four people. These four people are not our people. ‘ Sambit Patra further said, “In 2011, Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of Congress. He made Ashok Gulati, Chairman of the CACP, to decide what the MSP is the work of the CACP.”

On this Pappu Yadav said, ‘Brother, all the Congressmen have gone to your party. All the Congressmen are going to your party and contesting elections. On speaking in between Pappu Yadav, Patra said, ‘Pappu Ji, we were not speaking in your midst, it is not right Pappu Ji. Pappu Ji, I always say you are intelligent Pappu Ji, good ones are Pappu Ji, you should not do like this. You are Pappu Ji with Sirius, you are Pappu Ji with intelligence. ‘ Pappu Yadav smiled hearing the praise from Sambit Patra’s mouth.

Sambit Patra further said, ‘Pappu Ji why do you speak in the middle of this, let us complete and then you will speak. Please request me. On this Pappu Yadav said, ‘There is only one Pappu Ji, related brother.’ So Sambit Patra said, ‘No two are there, two or two Pappu Ji are in the country. You also know that you are making fun of us. You are the good one, you are the intelligent one, the other ones who are coming now, they are coming out now. You are good ones and intelligent ones.

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