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PM wrote a letter to Mahendra Singh Dhoni…

Former captain of Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has announced his retirement on 15 August evening.

He announced his retirement on Instagram. Dhoni has written in his post “thank you for all your love and support. From 7:29 hrs consider me retired. After dhoni retirement, he got congratulations from all over the world.

What PM Wrote to MSD…

Prime minister of India wrote a letter to congratulate him. Dhoni responded from the prime minister’s letter and thank him for congratulations.

Mahendra Singh dhoni wrote on social media that, ” an artist, soldier, and a sports person what they crave is for the appreciation, that their hard work and sacrifice is getting noticed and appreciated by everyone”.

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Prime minister Modi wrote a long letter to him that, you have posted a small and powerful video that is sufficient to become an emotional matter.

130 crore Indians were emotional but heartly thrilled for that which you have done for the Indian cricket team for 1.5 decades. Prime Minister wrote in his letter that, “

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Dhoni is one of the important men of Indian emotion, in which destiny of youth is not written for the name of their family. they make their name and destiny from their own.

PM wrote a letter to Mahendra Singh Dhoni...
image source: Scroll.in

He said, ‘ it does not matter where are we come from till we know where should we go. you inspired our youth. PM Modi talked about dhoni’s calm nature in his letter. prime minister Modi praised Mahendra Singh dhoni in many ways.

He also mentioned the 2013 world cup final. dhoni is a clam and hardworking person. whole India knows his struggle.

Dhoni won many matches in his career. last year when Dhoni decided to retire then lata Mangeshkar requested dhoni for not to take retirement in her twitter account. now dhoni decided to retire and he retired. the whole of India is thanking dhoni for India and the Indian team.

On the other hand BCCI is planning to organize the farewell series for the Dhoni.



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