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Know-Understand: Preparation for impeachment against Trump, what will be the effect if action is taken

If impeachment is proved, Trump will not be able to stand again in the presidential election. Pelosi told colleagues in a letter that we must take immediate steps to protect our constitution and our democracy because democracy and the constitution are threatened by the presidency of President Trump.

Actually, there has been an earthquake in America after Donald Trump supporters created a ruckus in the Parliament (Capitol Hill). Pelosi is active and unwilling to allow Trump to remain president. They have expressed apprehension that Trump may do something like a nuclear attack even in these few days of being in power.

What is the reason for controversy and uproar?

Voting was held in the US on November 3. Biden’s victory in the presidential election has been announced. Trump was constantly accused of rigging voting and counting. Many lawsuits were filed in courts. Mostly rejected. The Supreme Court has also dismissed the petitions in two cases.

64 days after the vote, the US parliament sealed Biden’s victory. Trump held a rally the day the US parliament certified Biden’s victory. In this, he asked his supporters to take out a procession to Parliament. The protesters reached Parliament uncontrollably. Trump had provoked his supporters, saying, ‘You people have to show strength.

You have to show strength. You do not want our country to become weak once again. We do not lose. we will not give up.’ Trump’s supporters then entered Parliament. There were sabotage and violence. Four people died in the violence.

Can trump be removed?

There are two ways to remove the President from office – 1. The 25th Amendment of the US Constitution has to be implemented, 2. Impeachment. In both cases, the role of Vice President Mike Pence would be important. He will hold the responsibility for the presidency until Biden’s inauguration (assuming office).

US lawmakers have begun discussing the 25th amendment of the constitution. This amendment was adopted in 1967. Section four states what will happen if the President is not able to work and does not leave the post himself? In order to implement the 25th Amendment, most members of the Pence and Trump cabinet must declare that Trump is not capable of performing his responsibilities and should be removed. In that case, Pence would take over.

What happened in 2019

Trump was accused of helping Ukraine to win the presidential election in 2020. It was being said that Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden had an economic settlement in Ukraine. Trump wanted to jumpstart this so that Biden’s image was tarnished. There was a phone conversation between Trump and the President of Ukraine.

The officials made this information public. Opposition leaders then alleged that Trump was forcing Ukraine’s leaders to scrutinize Biden’s transactions to win the election. The leaders also alleged that Trump had threatened to stop military aid to Ukraine for not doing so.

Process of evidence and investigation

According to the US Constitution, the President faces impeachment for treason, bribery, and other serious crimes. After investigation, the evidence of a crime is sent to the Justice Committee of Parliament. This committee investigates, conducts hearings, prepares drafts, and then reaches all members of the Senate.

It took three months in 2019. This time it is directly about the attack on Capitol Hill, so the Democrat members do not see any need for an investigation. It may be that instead of submitting evidence and investigation, there is a direct vote and the inquiry committee takes action.

What say

Are knowledgeable

President Trump’s international image was already quite poor. American society is constantly moving on the path that China had started long ago. In this way there is distance between people, there is mutual discrimination. This division has increased considerably during Trump’s tenure.
– BR Deepak, Professor, JNU

As President Trump has the right to pardon himself. It is learned that Trump wants to pardon himself before leaving the White House. But I have told them that they may have to face legal action to incite the riot.
– Pat Cipollone, White House Legal Advisor (of the uproar in Capitol Hill
Subsequent statement)

How will impeachment go

Impeachment proceedings begin with the lower house of parliament, the House of Representatives. For this, the President will have to accuse him of being guilty in a criminal case. In a house with 435 members, the charges can be settled by a majority. It is called ‘Articles of Impeachment’. The process goes to the upper house i.e. the Senate.

There will be a hearing. It will be proved there whether the President is guilty or not. Under the constitution, a two-thirds majority would be required to convict and remove the Senate. Trump’s impeachment allegations were filed against Trump in December 2019. He was accused of pressuring Ukraine to investigate against Biden and his son, abusing his rights. But, in February 2020, he was exonerated in the Republican-led Senate.

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