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Punya Prasun Bajpai said on the rising cases of Covid – all CM resigns to Gaddi Modi…

Record-breaking cases of coronavirus infection are occurring every day in India. Many states are trying to control the corona by imposing a lockdown but the rally, roadshow of the leaders in the West Bengal assembly elections continues. The central government’s strategy to deal with Corona is also being severely criticized. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is addressing frequent election rallies in West Bengal where people are breaking the guidelines of Covid 19. His move is being severely criticized. Senior journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai has lashed out at the Center’s wavering attitude towards fighting Kovid.

On the way there are complaints of lack of oxygen, hospital-bed, Covid-19 vaccine, etc. from various states, people are dying of corona infection due to lack of proper treatment, on which Bajpai has said that this inhumanity should stop. He wrote in his tweet on Twitter, “Stop inhumanity, resign all CMs and hand over the throne to Modi Ji”.

Users are also giving their feedback on this tweet of Punya Prasun Bajpai. A user named Mehul Maru writes, ‘How Modi ji is the Prime Minister. Instead of responsibly fighting Corona, they are running an election rally in Bengal. If Corona is not stable now, then you have told the Chief Ministers of the states that you can do it. May God save this country now. ‘

A user named E Vaid writes, ‘Now the people of this country should understand whether these people are capable of running the country? Should such people sit in power by making them leaders who have nothing to do with the suffering and pain of the people? ‘

A user named Harish Raza Khan writes, ‘Public is also like this. She is obeying him and gathering crowds himself in rallies. ‘ A user named Sunanda Sharma writes, ‘Can this greedy power leave the chair? Never.’

A user by Aditya Mahesh full name wrote, ‘No CM will leave the post. A train accident happens in Taiwan in which 59 people are killed, the railway minister immediately resigns. Even seeing hundreds of people dying every day, no minister or CM even took any responsibility. Everyone’s eyes have dried up. ‘

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