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If the weather betrayed Rahul Gandhi gave a message to the voters of Assam from the swell

Due to bad weather, Rahul Gandhi could not reach among the people, so he tried to convey the message to the people through a skimmer. Rahul has a hot pot around his neck. CAA has been written on this on both sides. The message from the picture is clear that Congress will not allow the CAA to be implemented in Assam.

In a video message posted on Twitter, Rahul Gandhi said that he was supposed to come to Assam on Tuesday for campaigning, but he could not come due to bad weather. Describing the CAA as an attack on the history, culture, and language of Assam, Rahul said that if his party comes to power in the state, it will not allow it to be implemented.

Rahul appealed to the people to vote in favor of Congress-led coalition Mahajot, saying the party is committed to the promise of giving five lakh jobs and minimum wages of Rs 365 to tea garden workers. The Congress leader said that the message of his party and coalition regarding Assam is clear. We will take Assam forward on the path of development with our five sure promises.

The former Congress president said that the BJP is targeting tribals living in the mountains by planning to abolish Article 254-A. It will be implemented if a coalition government is formed. Let me tell you that voting for the 126-member Assam Legislative Assembly is going on in three phases. The first phase was held on March 27, while the second and third phases were scheduled to be held on April 6 and 6. Congress has formed Mahajot with many other parties.

The Sonowal government of BJP has been consistently campaigning that CAA is not an issue in Assam. However, BJP leaders are refraining from discussing the CAA in Assam. While the BJP is campaigning vigorously in Bengal, it is also avoiding mentioning it in Assam. Rahul also understands the dilemma of the BJP and is trying to draw the people into his court through the CAA.

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