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Rajesh Agarwal: Resident of Indore becomes Deputy Mayor of London for the second time

Rajesh Aggarwal of Indore. After passing BBA in the year 2000, he was looking for a job. Engineer father and teacher mother had high expectations from their son. After some time I got a job in Chandigarh. Five thousand rupees of salary month. He continued to study while working on the job and got an MBA. After 20 years, the young man achieved a world record. He became the Deputy Mayor of London for the second time. After reaching London, hard work has created two big companies to date. One of his companies is among the 100 largest companies in London. His company, with a revenue valuation of 9 million pounds, has found a place in the Sunday Times list.

Rajesh Agarwal became the Deputy Mayor of London at a time when Britain is reeling under economic crisis. Its economy is lagging and thousands of jobs are in crisis. The pace of development has stopped. The most difficult task before Rajesh Aggarwal is to remove the apprehensions of the business world in London. The London businessmen, especially the Indian community, are deeply concerned about their financial interests and have kept high hopes from Rajesh Agarwal. They also have the challenge to maintain the diversity of the ancient and very beautiful city of London. Racial violence also occurs in London.

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For Rajesh Agarwal, the challenges are immense, so the chance is bigger than that and he will take them further. After becoming Deputy Mayor for the second time, Rajesh Agarwal said, I will work with 100% capacity. Rajesh Aggarwal will have a tenure of three years. He will continue as Deputy Mayor till 2024. Earlier, he became the Deputy Mayor in July 2016. Born in Indore in June 1977, Rajesh studied at St. Paul’s School.

He went to Britain in the year 2001. When he became deputy mayor for the first time, his entire tenure was filled with challenges like Breguet and Covid. But his achievements have not diminished and now he is going to hold the post for the second time in a row. Rajesh says that getting opportunities for the second time is a big deal. London has given me a lot, I will work for the people of London with my 100% capacity even during this tenure. His elder brother Yogesh Agarwal was aware of the talent and abilities of younger brother Rajesh from the beginning. They say that Rajesh kept his steps always on the ground.

Rajesh never allowed wealth, honor, and dignity to become pride. Rajesh considers the rites received from his mother as his heritage. Rajesh’s goal was straightforward. They meet their friends when they come to Indore. Ride by auto rickshaw. Seeing this, you will not believe that he owns a company worth billions of pounds.f

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