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The anchor asked the question, Ramdev said – I can also run an entertainment channel

Yoga teacher Baba Ramdev is known for his yoga as well as business. Ramdev has also emerged as a successful businessman in the last decade. Once in the Aaj Tak show, the anchor asked him that business does not run with yoga, how did he become so successful in business?

Answering the question of Anjana Om Kashyap, Ramdev said that to succeed in business, we should do two things. The second thing you have to try from every side, even if you try from one side, you will not be successful. He said that I did not know anything about the media when I was gone. We currently run not one but four channels of media. He said that today I can run a newspaper, I can run a news channel. I can also run entertainment channels.

Baba Ramdev said that when I went to Kapil Sharma’s show, the show was on that day only of Baba Ramdev. He said that I am a yogi, I am an associate of good works. I am useful to this country and am a Karmayogi.

A spectator asked Baba Ramdev whether from today onwards you should be called a yoga teacher or a businessman? Baba Ramdev said that there is a difference between business and beneficence. Whatever we are doing in Patanjali, I do not take advantage of even one rupee. Whatever we have done is 100 percent done for the country. Therefore, it is not business but it is a work of favor of the country. This is the work of the charity of the country and everyone should do such work.

Baba Ramdev said that whatever works are being done by him and Patanjali are being done to promote better research, better education in the country. All work is being done for charity.

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