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Remake rights embroiled in producer-director

After the success of a film at the box office, the trend of remaking it has increased rapidly these days. Along with this, there are increasing disputes under the Intellectual Property Rights Act. The latest controversy is regarding the Tamil film ‘Anian’. On one hand, the producer of the film is asserting its story, on the other, the writer-director. The controversy has arisen because the writer-director of the Tamil film has announced to remake it in Hindi with Ranveer Singh without the producer’s permission.

When Zanjeer (1974), which gave a new twist to Hindi cinema, announced the remake of its producer Prakash Mehra’s sons Punit and Amit in other languages ​​including Hindi, almost 40 years later, the film’s writers Salim-Javed gave a direct challenge Was given. Javed Akhtar said that the film cannot be remade without his permission.

He gave the story of the film to Prakash Mehra for production number 1, starring Amitabh, Jaya Bhaduri, and Pran. He said that we have already sold the rights to dub our films like ‘Don’ and ‘Yaadon’ Ki Baaraat in South Indian languages. A similar situation arose in the past when the writer-director Shankar (who directed ‘Shivaji’ about Rajinikanth and ‘Nayak’ about Anil Kapoor) from the 2005 Tamil film ‘Anian’ co-starred the film with Ranveer Singh. Announced to make in Hindi.

Shankar’s announcement upset Vishwanathan Ravichandran, the producer of ‘Onion’. After all, he was the producer of ‘Onion’ and how can a Hindi remake of it be announced without permission. The Hindi dubbed film ‘Unrecognized’ on Tamil ‘Anian’ has been watched by the audience.

Ravichandran, who has been making films for the past 30 years, says that he is the parent of this story. Director Shankar, who has made films like ‘Jeans’, ‘Robot’, says that he has given birth to this story, so it is his parents. In the film industry, where there are many fathers of success, as the proverb is said, at the moment the parents of this story have come to an end.

Ravichandran is surprised how the remake of the film was announced in Hindi without his permission. He wrote an open letter that I am the parent of the story of this film and Shankar should immediately stop the Hindi remake of this film. On the other hand, Shankar said that my name has been given in the film as the story, screenplay director. The story is mine

Ranveer Singh is looking at both of them, tell me, brother, what should I do. Decide early so that my dates don’t fester. The question is who will be the parent of the story, who wrote the story, or who bought the story that was written. The entire game is on the contract between the two. It is a coincidence that the hero of ‘Onion’ is a lawyer fighting for the rights of consumers, whose disappointment is that the accused often take advantage of circumstantial evidence.

Shankar and Ravichandran are not new to the film industry. Both have been working for a long time. Ravichandran has made over 25 Tamil films and his previous film with Shankar was Vikram starrer ‘Aai’. Shankar has been making films since 1993 and has seen Hindi cinematographer ‘Nayak’ starring Anil Kapoor and ‘Shivaji’ in the lead role of Rajinikanth on TV a number of times. The camel of the matter stands at the moment. Time will tell which side it will sit.

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