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Reporters forcibly ask questions to the person, immediately insulted

Corona cases are rising in large numbers once again in Mumbai. The Maharashtra government has started taking precautions to prevent the outbreak of Corona in the state. Not only this, people have been asked to collect fine without wearing masks. Meanwhile, when a TV reporter started forcibly questioning a man without wearing a mask, the man got angry and insulted the reporter.

Actually, a reporter from a national channel was talking to some people present at the railway station about the growing corona cases in Mumbai. Meanwhile, the reporter saw a man without a mask. During this time, the reporter started asking the person questions. The reporter asked the question, “Have you listened to the Chief Minister and why have you not even worn a mask?” On this, the man started going without answering and said why do I have to speak and I do not even know to speak.

For the past one week, the number of Corona cases in Mumbai has been steadily increasing. The Mumbai municipality has become conscious about the prevention of corona. Not only this, but the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has also fined the restaurant many times. Along with this, raids have also been conducted on more than 150 restaurants and a fine of about 50 thousand rupees has also been imposed.

Yesterday on Sunday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray urged the people of the state to follow the Corona Protocol. Uddhav Thackeray while addressing the people of the state said that We do not want to install lockdown, do you want? If you do not want a lockdown, wear a mask, wash your hands and keep a safe distance from each other. Uddhav also said that for the next ten days, people see if people follow these rules or not and then take a decision on it.

Without this Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar has also said that a lockdown could be imposed in Mumbai again if the number of coronavirus cases in the city did not stop increasing daily and people did not follow Corona rules.

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