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One officer dropped a piece of paper, another picked up the piece, this was the fodder scam, know the story

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad has got bail in fodder scam cases. However, despite this, his relief is not considered permanent. The CBI may soon appeal to the Supreme Court regarding this. The story of the revelation of this case recorded about 25 years ago and the involvement of Lalu’s name in it, is also quite interesting. In this case, he has also been jailed six times from 1997 to 2017. In such a situation, even after getting bail, the sword of going into captivity is hanging on him.

What was the bait scam ?: The fodder scam case was related to fodder being sent to animals. Actually, the allocation order was made under the budget before the Secretariat for fodder for cattle. It used to be continued as well. But the order could not come out of the file. After this, the allotting officers would have taken out another order at the same place and instead of thousands of millions, would have collected money worth crores of rupees. The signature in this was also that of the officer issuing the previous order. After this, the number of the old allocation order was added to the new allocation. Officers used to get this bill also passed after the treasury was mixed up. In this way, there was a scam of thousands of crores for a long time.

How was it revealed ?: Everything went well in this case for many years. However, in 1996, Amit Khare, a Bihar government officer, filed an FIR at the instance of then Finance Commissioner VS Dubey. It is said that the Finance Commissioner was handling the government letters in Patna Chief Secretariat. Just then, a south Indian came to the room. He was accompanied by the Principal Auditor General. Two officers were also present together. During this time, the Finance Commissioner signed a paper and dropped it down. Meanwhile, the Principal AG saw the paper falling down and asked that the Finance Secretary dropped it down, read it. Usually, this question was common, but the Finance Secretary was surprised by reading this paper. It is said that after digging this paper, the fodder scam was revealed.

In fact, after this, the Finance Commissioner had asked all the DMs of Bihar to get the details of the money being withdrawn from the government treasury of the district. During the investigation of the government treasury of Chaibasa, he came to know that the District Animal Husbandry Department has once withdrawn Rs 10 crore and once Rs 9 crore and has not given its details. When he asked for the details from the department, he was not given any details.

After this, when they started the investigation, it came to light that for the payment of fodder purchases, many such fake bills of Rs 10 lakh were made, in which payment of less than Rs 10 lakh was shown. Actually, on payment of more than 10 lakh rupees, many important documents had to be shown, so the bills were less than 10 lakh rupees. Most payments were made in the name of companies that did not exist. After this, the amount of crores of rupees was disclosed from many districts through fake bills. After this only in March 1996, the investigation of this case was handed over to the CBI.

It was revealed in the scam that it was found in the documents only on paper that the number of vehicles in which the animals were transported was not four-wheelers or big vehicles, but two-wheelers and scooters. It is said that in 1991-92, the budget of the Animal Husbandry Department was Rs 59 crore 10 lakh, but the scamsters took out 129 crores 82 lakh during this period.

Patna High Court ordered CBI inquiry: After the matter was revealed, the Patna High Court ordered a CBI inquiry. At that time Lalu Prasad Yadav was the chief minister. First, the Bihar government filed an SLP in the Supreme Court against it and opposed the CBI investigation. But the Supreme Court asked for an inquiry into the monitoring of the High Court.

Lalu Prasad himself was named an accused when the investigation took place in this case. The CBI collected more than 60 trucks of documents in this major scam. About 11 million pages of photos were copied. A total of 64 cases were registered and 979 accused were made. The agency produced more than 8 thousand witnesses. More than 400 CBI officers investigated the case and more than 50 judges have heard the case. This is all a record. While handing over the investigation to the CBI on 7 March 1996, the Patna High Court remarked – ‘Rome kept on burning and Nero kept playing Bansi, the same situation was in Bihar’.

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