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VIDEO: Rohit teases Smith? Shadow practice in front of an Australian veteran

During the drinks before lunch on the fourth day of the fourth Test between India and Australia, Rohit Sharma was seen doing ‘shadow practice’ on the pitch. His style was exactly like Steve Smith’s. Yes, Steve Smith is often seen shadowing during matches. Rohit Sharma appeared in batting shadow in the same manner on Monday, also when the Australian cricket team was batting.

It has been special that Rohit was also watching Steve Smith when he was doing shadow batting. Steve Smith was standing right in front of him. Some people believe that the motive behind Rohit’s practice of shadows in this way would have been to ‘tease’ Smith. Sanjay Manjrekar also commented on Rohit’s shadow practice. He jokingly said, ‘Steve Smith is just watching. Maybe Rohit is doing this to tease Smith or maybe not. Please tell that Sanjay Manjrekar is in the commentary panel of the Sony channel. He was doing commentary at that time.

Earlier, during the third Test match played at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Steve Smith was also caught on camera while shadow batting on the field. However, the then Australian cricketer faced a lot of criticism. The video of the incident also went viral on social media. In that video, it seemed that Smith was wiping out Rishabh’s guard. However, all such things were later rubbished by coach Justin Langer.

Actually, sledding has been taking place during the match between Australia and India since very old times. However, now Team India has already changed. Now she believes in giving equal answers. Even before the start of the Test series, Shubman Gill also had his views on sledding. The young batsman had said, ‘There was a time when (Indian) players were not very aggressive. They used to ignore it easily but now the situation has changed. Every player has a different nature, if someone ignores it, the same person believes in answering immediately.

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