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Sabrang, the silver screen: stalwarts of the giants

Ban on Ramu
Huzoor comes out to take 125 million of our artists, technicians, and laborers, please send it. When the Federation felt that Verma Ji had put those letters in the garbage basket, then one day the Federation sent him a legal notice and banned him.

Told that till the payment of 125 million rupees is paid, no artist, technician, or laborer of our 32 organizations will work in your film. Ramu says which notice is being talked about. I have not received any such notice till now. However, the Federation documents show that the notice has been accepted by Verma.

Whatever it is, the news of Verma’s goodwill is being wasted by the news that the financial condition of the company which is not able to pay the amount of one and a quarter crores will be so strong. The big problem is that Verma’s horror film ‘Twelve O Clock’ was released in theaters last week but people were not scared of it. So ‘Twelve O Clock’ definitely played Verma’s twelve, if not the audience.

Pressure on Rajni

Rajinikanth is upset. Once in a good mood, he had announced to form a political party, which is now becoming a bone in his throat. On December 29, 2020, he said that he would not enter politics in view of the corona epidemic and his health.

This incident of retreat after Rajni’s announcement reminded people of Dev Anand. After the fall of the Janata Party government in 1979, Dev Anand announced the National Party of India at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai on 4 September 1979. Many other film actors were also behind him. The party headquarters was built at Rajkamal Studio and the party’s manifesto was also issued. Party President Dev Anand was made.

But this party did not take off and Dev Anand pulled his feet back. In the same way, Rajinikanth has backed off after announcing the new party, but his fans are pressurizing him, organizing ceremonies and events. Rajni is saying that she should not be hurt. Till yesterday, Rajni, who was talking about doing spiritual politics, is now saying in the name of politics.

Victory over Pongal ‘Master’

A day before Pongal, actor Vijay’s Tamil film Master, released on January 13, drew crowds to theaters in Tamil Nadu. In Kerala too, the tickets for ‘Master’ were sold outright. This has excited the filmmakers. Actually, Tamil Nadu and the central government had come face to face with this film earlier. Prior to the release of his film, Vijay, after meeting the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, demanded to open theaters with 100 percent capacity.

The Chief Minister gave the green signal. But the Center warned the Government of Tamil Nadu to follow the guidelines issued by the Union Home Ministry regarding Corona. In this conflict, the central government won and the government of Tamil Nadu had to warn the owners of running the cinema with 50 percent capacity.

Every other hero in South India is a superstar and when his film is released, theaters get crowded. The reason for this is that every hero has established his own fan club there. All the fans rush to make their hero’s film houseful when it is released. There are huge cutouts of Hero.

The hero is worshiped and fans do not back down from the anointing of milk. This was also seen in the case of ‘master’. Vijay’s posters in Kerala were anointed with milk. Theaters in Tamil Nadu were so crowded that social distancing was marginalized.

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