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Sambit Patra furious at Congress over the Twitter ban, said- these same people called Modi Hitler after the ban.

The dispute between Twitter and the central government regarding the blue tick has increased a lot. There was a lot of ruckus amidst the development of the removal and reinstatement of the blue tick of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu. Taking a tough stand, the Center on Saturday issued a notice giving social media platforms one last chance to comply with the new IT rules immediately. After this, Twitter also restored the blue ticks of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, including the Vice-President and some other people associated with the organization. The issue was also hot on TV debates regarding this whole matter.

On Republic TV’s debate show ‘Pochta Hai Bharat’, BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra targeted the Congress and said that today some Congress people are demanding a Twitter ban, the same people will criticize Prime Minister Narendra Modi if Twitter is banned. . Sambit Patra said, ‘Some spokespersons of Congress will say that ban Twitter. As soon as it is banned, they will light candles from the other side. There are many who light candles from both sides.

He further said, ‘As soon as it is banned, it will be said! Modi is Hitler, he has been banned. The political analyst included in the panel, Manasvi Thapar, was constantly saying that why the government does not ban Twitter directly, why is it giving notice to it.

He said, ‘We do not have to play democracy with this company. The question of our Vice President is, how dare he. How did Twitter come to be and we will play Democracy Democracy? Sambit Patra Ji a foreign company should come to our country and do this to our Vice President.’

Sambit Patra replied, ‘I agree that he should not have the courage and I welcome that you are demanding a Twitter ban. Democracy Democracy is not a game. It has a process which the government is watching and you rest assured. If Twitter continues to proceed arbitrarily in this way, does not obey the constitution of our country, then the day is not far when the government will take very strict steps.

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