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Save WhatsApp status in others phone, download with this easy trick

Almost everyone uses the instant messaging app Whatsapp. But most people are not aware of the complete features related to it. New features are updated on Whatsapp. Nowadays people keep changing the status story on WhatsApp every day. These status stories automatically go away after 24 hours. But the question arises that if you want to see the status story of your friend again, what to do?

No need to ask for a friend
You can ask for it from your friend, but today we are going to tell you something that you will not have to ask for that status from your friend. Actually, that status gets saved in your phone. It often happens that we like someone’s status so much that we see it many times. However, after 24 hours, we are unable to see it. But very few people know that pictures and videos on the stories of friends are saved in your phone. So let’s know how you can see it.

This is how you can check
If you want to see the videos and photos posted on the status story of your friends, then you have to go to the file manager of your phone. After this, click on ‘Internal Storage’. After going to internal storage, you will see many apps. In this, select WhatsApp. After this, select the Media option. After a little scrolling, you will see the option of status. After clicking on it, you can see all the photos and videos of friends. You can also download it as well.

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