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Sonu Nigam v/s T-series (Bhushan Kumar)

There is the controversy going on between the Sonu Nigam & Bhushan Kumar (CEO of T-series). Sonu Nigam threatened that the will expose the T-series & Bhusan Kumar.

First Video

The whole controversy started when Sonu Nigam released a video by putting many alligations on T-series. This whole thing started just after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput after this the whole social media was full of Boycott nepotism & to the stars who support the nepotism in the Bollywood. suddenly Sonu Nigam released a video claiming & putting many allegations that there may be more such suicides in the music industry too & said there is nepotism & called them the as a movie mafia in the music industry. He said that T-series don’t support new & young singers.

After this video, the whole social media was full of the hashtag trending boycott T-series & unsubscribe T-series. After this trend started on social media everyone’s eyes were on the T-series to see the response of T-series but Bhusan Kumar didn’t give any reply.
At last Bhusans Kumar, wife Divya Khosla made a video in reply by saying that all the allegations are wrong from Sonu Nigam’s side.

Sonu nigam vs bhushan kumar
image source- dnaindia.com

Second Video

After the clearance of the Divya Khosla, Sonu Nigam made the new media clamming new & huge allegations on the T-series that Bhushan Kumar (CEO of T-series) has the link with the underworld. He gave an example too that once Bhushan called him once to need solutions from Sonu to avoid the underground people. It’s a huge allegation on the T-series & Bhushan Kumar.

After this video gone viral Divya Khosla again made came out with a video that there all the alligations are fake & Bhushan never went to Sonu to take help for the underworld. She also claimed that if Bhushan has gone to the Sonu Nigam to take the help so he must be having some link with the underworld. She asked for the inquiry against the Sonu Nigam so that they may know the link of Sonu Nigam with the underworld.


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