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Swara Bhaskar told Shehla Rashid the star and BJP MP said – theft and Senajori

Swara Bhaskar: Former Vice President of JNU Students Union, Shehla Rashid Shora is in the discussion again these days. Shehla Rashid’s father made serious allegations against him over the tariff funding. Meanwhile, Swara Bhaskar made a post on Twitter and praised Shehla Rashid. In praise of Rashid, Swara Bhaskar wrote- ‘Shehla you are a star and a warrior. Stand firmly. ‘

On seeing this post, people started giving a lot of negative reactions, while the BJP MP also critiqued Swara Bhaskar and reprimanded his post. BJP MP Rakesh Singh wrote- ‘The era of stealing and breaking the country by pretending to read the Preamble of the Constitution has come to an end’. When Swar saw this post of MP, he again posted another post.

This time he mentions the BJP MP in his post – ‘Sir! You are an MP. You will have better work than trolling an actress, if you do not, find out. More than one lakh farmers on the Delhi border are sitting on a sit-in protest against your government-made law. Even the Prime Minister of Canada has commented on it – stay there …

On seeing these tweets of Swara, people were seen duping them. A user commented on Swara’s post- ‘You have to answer? Now the talk of the farmer brothers, nowadays the farmer will also have a problem. In the internal affairs of a country, no other country has any right to speak. Do not forget that my country is paramount. We have to silence every rising voice against it. So someone supported Swara and wrote – ‘Trolling the girls, their MP, carrying forward Modi’s Beti Bachao Abhiyan’.

So someone wrote – ‘The President of France also commented on Islamic terrorists. You probably had eye and ear operations at that time. ‘ One jokingly wrote – ‘J was a slap on the cheek, you are a brilliant speaker, you are Swara Bhaskar.’

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