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T-20 World Cup postponed on Monday??

International Cricket Council (ICC) is going to organize the board meeting on Monday regarding the future of the T-20 World cup.

The meeting will regarding the T-20 world cup which has to hosted by Australia this year. (BCCI) Board of Cricket Council India is also looking forward to this meeting for the conduction of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020).

The T-20 world cup has to organized from 18 October to 15 November in Australia but the cricket board has said that they are unable to organize tournaments due to increased cases of Coronavirus in Victoria State.

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There is being a great increase in the coronavirus patients in India over 10 lakhs in which more than 26 thousand peoples have lost their lives.

In this condition organizing the Indian premier league (IPL) would be a challenging decision for the Central government after which the IPL will be organized in Dubai. Many Indian’s & BCCI are looking forward to the meeting of ICC on Monday because as the T-20 world cup will be postponed than chances of IPL will increase.

According to a top-level source, the first step was Asia cup which got postponed after the news of IPL postponed T-20 chances are also there of postponing. Australia is not very much excited about hosting the T-20 world cup due to the Coronavirus.

T-20 world cup Postponed in 2022

According to the sources chances are there of shifting T-20 of this year in 2022. In 2021 India will not compromise with fixed tournaments. The county will be decided after some time as Australia will not host the T-20 world cup in 2022.

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ICC has not decided yet as the hosting country in 2022 as it takes a lot of time & needs to follow many rules & regulations systematically. Tomorrow’s meeting will decide the future of IPL as the T-20 will be postponed the chances of IPL will increase after the approval of the Central government in September.



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