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Darnella Frazier: Teenager to win first Pulitzer for citizen journalism

Darnella, 18, of America, made a video of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police and put it on social media. Considering that video as evidence, the court recently ruled. Taking cognizance of that work, the Pulitzer Awards have announced a special award to him. She has become famous all over the world and people know her as the courageous girl who made the video of the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

Darnella Frazier says, ‘I want to make my mark as a girl who wants to live her life like everyone else.’ Frazier’s remarks innocuously convey the brutal truth of apartheid in American society, just as a minute video he made on May 25, 2020, exposed systemic apartheid and police brutality against blacks was. In protest against this incident, there were agitations and riots in many cities of America and with the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’, equal rights for blacks were once again strongly advocated. During the hearing of the case in the court, the video was considered as solid evidence and due to this the police officer concerned was convicted on three charges.

However, after the verdict of the trial, on 20 April 2021, Frasier wrote on his Instagram, ‘My heart goes out to the family of George Floyd. Though no conviction can bring oneself back, justice has been done and the murderer will now have to pay the price for his actions.’
Frasier was 17 years old at the time of this incident in Minneapolis, USA. When she came out of her house for some work, she saw a policeman holding 46-year-old Floyd on charges of minor fraud, slamming him to the ground and then taking his life by placing his knee on his neck. Frazier recorded the eight-minute event on his phone.

Frazier says that after seeing this accident with her own eyes, she was upset for several days. Sometimes in George Floyd, he could see his father and sometimes his brother. Frasier was sad that he could not go ahead and help Floyd. She says, ‘I’ve spent many nights apologizing to George Floyd because I didn’t intervene and save his life.’ History changed with Darnella’s video. The Pulitzer Awards have announced a special award for Darnella’s work. The jury of these awards, generally given for journalism since 1917, recognized that Darnella performed the duty of a citizen reporter by recording the barbaric incident with his phone’s camera. The Pulitzer board said, ‘It is because of his efforts that the world’s attention has come to this issue.’

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