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The family behind the structure of Ram Mandir…

Architecture of RAM MANDIR

The architecture of Ram Mandir is designed by the family involved in designing temples for 15 generations. They have completed more than 131 temples design.

Who designed the Ram Mandir

The Sompura family, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat claims to be in this business for 15 generations, serving the nation and abroad.

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Some famous temples of India, Akshardham, and Somnath temples of Gujarat, are architectured by this family. Now they would be able to see their vision in the Ram mandir of Ayodhya, whose construction is expected to start probably next month.

This family says they have designed almost 131 temples in the nation and abroad, which includes the Swaminarayan temple in London, and more in the US.

The Ram Mandir project is in the hands of the 2 youngest members of the family, very known, Nikhil and Ashish, under the supervision of their Father Chandrakant being old of age 77. Mr. Chandrakanth mostly works from home, due to his age.

Ashish tells that Nikhil’s elder son has also started in this family business, and he loves it.

Even, they quoted that we have been in this business since the last 15 generations, so we don’t remember which temple was the first one to be constructed, according to their design.

Ram Mandir project since 1989

The Supreme Court set the start in November 2019. For the construction of temple “Ram Mandir” at the disputed land of Ayodhya, where Lord ram took birth, that is believed. The court took a long time against this decision, which included the demolition of Babri Masjid, built by the powerful Mughal ruler, in 1992.

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Sompura family, have been in touch with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which has been as the Head of the Ram Mandir Campaign, for designing Ram Mandir, back since 1989. Sompura had bonded with VHP, to design the temple, since 1989.

This family has been working for the Birla family for generations, designing temples. Birla families introduced Sompuras to Ashok Singhal of the VHP. Ashish added, it is the job of VHP to pay for the required materials and the cost of the labor, and we are supposed to do the designing.


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