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Ruckus in Pakistan: The fundamentalist organization held 7 soldiers hostage

Three activists of the organization were killed and several others injured in the crackdown on the banned Islamic party Tehreek-e-Labak Pakistan (TLP) by Pakistani security forces on Sunday. Last year in France, the organization organized violent demonstrations demanding the expulsion of the ambassador there for publishing a caricature of blasphemy.

Rangers and the police started action at the TLP headquarters in Lahore on Sunday morning to evacuate thousands of activists gathered there. These people blocked the main Multan road. A senior police officer told PTI that three TLP workers were killed and several others injured during the operation. Those injured include several policemen, including a senior police officer.

“The number of TLP supporters was in the thousands, so the Rangers and the police could not evacuate them in a three-hour campaign,” he said, adding that the police ended the operation fearing more lives. He said that during the campaign, the protesters held senior police officer Omar Farooq Baloch hostage and assaulted him.

In a video message issued by the TLP, Baloch appealed to the Imran Khan government not to kill fellow Muslims and to follow the agreement made by his government with the TLP to expel the French ambassador.

Police have not yet rescued Baloch from the capture of TLP and negotiations are on. Punjab Police spokesperson Rana Arif also confirmed the deaths of three people in a campaign by law enforcement agencies. He said that many police officers along with TLP activists “severely beat” him.

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