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The line between faith and superstition is very fine.

Faith and faith are born with the right spirit, but this feeling often translates into superstition. From the time of the development of civilization, humans began to thank the nature that gave birth to resources. He used all things like eating, living, wearing, etc. from the things present in nature and began to respect nature for these facilities. Since ancient times, it has given a major status to the source of light and light energy to the sun, to rivers and reservoirs for water, etc. and to land for crops, etc.

The beginning of faith started from here, he started paying respect to every little thing that he gets from nature, which feeds him. This dependency increased. Whenever he was in any absence, he would pray that he could deal with the crisis soon. Faith is born out of respect, gratitude, and gratitude, which is often towards an object or person that a person considers bigger or more important than himself.

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The nature of faith changed with the development of civilizations. The description of different gods and goddesses, the birth of different religions, all these things are proof of this fact. Viswas is a small unit of faith. Over time, human reasoning has been trying to understand different forms of faith. The special quality of faith is that no one can be compelled in it, faith is voluntary sentiment. Human faith is beyond living and non-living things. Faith can be a God not visible to anyone, or a desire to attain the knowledge of man.

If this belief compels a man and he is not able to understand that he is doing wrong for himself or humanity, then faith often gives rise to superstition. There is a very fine line between faith and superstition. Superstition promotes many social and religious evils that have been and often have been harmful to humanity. There is no freedom in superstition, logic does not have a place of argument. And your feelings and religion are often used to promote it.



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