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Now wandering in space will find a way

In space missions, the possibility of spaceships wandering between the stars is very high. The newly created star map for interstellar space missions will simplify travel operations. The way work is being done towards interstellar missions, it is challenging to go to space and return safely and alive from there. Scientists are doing their best to make space missions better, safer, and easier. The biggest challenge in space is to know the actual position of itself so that the vehicle does not go astray. Scientists have found a way out of this space navigation problem.

The term navigation or navigation was first used in the Navy. In the olden days, when people traveled by ship, the biggest problem before them was to decide what their position was and how they would decide that they were going in the right direction. For all these things they used navigation, navigation, or navigation. Today satellites and satellite systems have solved the problem of conducting sea voyages. But a lot of research remains to be done to identify the right direction by ascertaining its position in space. However, the research that has been done so far has clarified the picture to a great extent.

Scientists have suggested the ‘Paralex’ method. This new proposal is an attempt to greatly simplify the process of space travel operations. In this, the path is identified with the help of wires. It uses the principle of Parallax, an old method. If you place one finger in front of the nose and look at it with only one eye at a time, the finger will appear elsewhere. The reason for seeing this changed position is because the eyes are in different places.

This method was used to measure the distance of distant objects. Earlier scientists used to measure the distance of stars with this technique. The new method states that before a spacecraft is launched, it should have a map of all the stars in the surrounding celestial region, detailing their exact positions.

After this, as the vehicle moves away from the solar system, it will measure the distance of other stars. When a star comes near a distant star, that star will look different from its previous place, while the distant star will appear to be stable. By comparing the distance of many pairs of wires and its earth-based maps, the spacecraft can detect how far it is from those stars. This will reveal the precise 3D position of the spacecraft in the Galaxy.

Currently, interplanetary spacecraft depend on Earth-based systems for operation. When we send a radio signal to the spacecraft, it sends a response with some delay. The distance between the vehicle and the Earth is calculated from the difference between the radio signals. This method relies on Earth’s radar system network, but this method only works for communications inside our solar system. In the interstellar mission, we have to work in a new way. Vehicles have to handle their travel operations on their own. Theoretically, such campaigns are believed to last at least decades and a small mistake and uncertainties can easily lead them astray.

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