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These are cheap plans of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and Zee5

Amazon Prime: There are many OTT platforms in India like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, Zee5. Most have to subscribe to use them, but you can also use a platform like Zee5 without subscribing but it has very limited features. But today we are going to tell you the initial subscriptions of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, and SonyLIV, which you can use for a whole month and make it fun for every weekend.

Amazon Prime Video Plans price

Amazon prime video (Amazon Prime Video) Is one of the cheap OTT platforms in India and you can subscribe to it. The starting price of this platform is Rs 129 per month. Also, the plan of Rs 999 is annual. Within these plans, the company provides 4K content. Along with this, there is also an option to download unlimited. With this, you can take advantage of offers such as fast delivery from Amazon and first discount in discounts in shopping. You can also enjoy prime music.

Netflix Plans price

Netflix is ​​a popular video streaming platform in India. There are a lot of shows and movies on it, ranging from children to elders. Netflix’s initial plan is Rs 199, which comes with SD quality. Under this plan, you can take advantage of Netflix only in a smartphone or tablet. Apart from this, if you want to watch Netflix on a laptop and TV, then you have to take an initial plan of Rs 499, which is only for one month.

Disney + Hotstar Plans price

A lot of live sports can be seen on Disney + Hotstar and its popularity has increased since the Corona era. Not only this, but many telecom companies also offer free subscriptions on their recharge. The initial subscription of Disney + Hotstar Premium is Rs 299 for just one month, while the Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription is available for a year for Rs 399. Apart from this, Disney + Hotstar Premium subscription will cost Rs 1499. VIP has limited features but in premium, you get a lot of specials.

Zee5 plans price plans price

Zee5 is another popular OTT platform in India, which is full of movies and a large content library. It also includes Zee original TV series and movies. Its initial plan is Rs 99, in which a subscription will be available for one month. Apart from this, you will have to pay Rs 999 for a year-long subscription.

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