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This French business beat Jeff Bezos, know how much wealth has become

French businessman Bernard Arnault has overtaken Amazon chief Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest man. Nearer to French Business than Bezos 3 Billion dollars is more property. and amazon as well as 200 Second with billions of dollars. Elon Musk’s name is at number three. In fact, the rise in LMVH’s shares has earned Bernard the laurels.

Bernard’s wealth according to Forbes figures a 4.7 Billion dollar increase. because of which their property 203.7 Billion dollars is gone. While in the morning he was behind Amazon chief Jeff Bezos. in their property 1.92 Percentage increase has been observed. After which the net worth of Bezos 200.7 Billion dollars. The special thing is that in the top ten 2 Contains names of French people. 10 At number two is female billionaire Francois Betancourt Meyers. who have 94.3 Billion dollar assets?

8 wealth of American billionaires 100 over a billion dollars: Between two French billionaires according to the Forbes list 8 wealth of American billionaires 100 is more than a billion dollars. Which is seen for the first time. At the top is the name of Bezos. then Elon Musk ( 154.6 Billion ), Bill Gates ( 125.9 Billion ), Mark Zuckerberg ( 121.9 Billion ), larry page ( 106.6 Billion ), Warren Buffet ( 105.6 Billion ), Sergey Brin ( 103.3 Billion ), and Larry Ellison ( 101.3 Billion ) Has occurred.

Adani is far behind : On the other hand Mukesh Ambani is close 86 with billions of dollars 12Remains on the spot. While Gautam Adani 14th from 15th and 18 Has dropped to the fifth position. close to their property 15 Billion dollar decline. at present they have a 62.8 Billion dollar net worth is being seen.

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