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Do you know about the law? TMC leader on TV asked questions to Amish Devgan

In a live debate of News18 India, Amish Devgan was badly hit by a panelist when he was asked the question, what does he know about the law? Actually, journalist Alok Mehta and TMC supporter Tausif Khan were present in the live debate. When Tausif Khan asked anchor Amish Devgan this question during the debate, then Amish Devgan also flashed up and told Tausif Khan – ‘Alok Mehta Ji has more experience than you will not?’

In the debate, Amish Devgan questioned TMC and said that ‘public talk is important in Bengal. There have been many deaths in the last 24 hours. More than 19 thousand cases have been reported in 24 hours. There are constant complaints that tests are not being done. There are frequent complaints coming from hospitals. The positivity rate in Bengal is above 27%. The positivity rate in the country is 13.2%. Even in the case of vaccination, you are following UP or Maharashtra, you are following them.

Amish further asked- ‘I ask you a direct and clear question .. Mamta Banerjee should have been serious about Kovid’s situation when her minister was appearing in CBI court. Then he came on the road and sat in the dharna. The workers were throwing stones.

In such a situation, Tausif turns back and answers – Have you got wind of Narendra Modi too? Listen to me will you keep on speaking alone? Then Amish Devgan started to flare, then Tausif said that this is why I said that you stop your radio. On Amish’s questions, TMC leader said – People studying in WhatsApp University are running the central government.

When the Amish constantly says his words, TMC leaders speak while talking – you know what about the law? Which law says that you will be put in jail without trial? Which law book have you read? To this, Amish Devgan answers – This is the law of the country and I am proud of the law of this country.

Tausif says in response – You have studied from WhatsApp University. The Amish get silent for a while, then he asks the question to Tausif – This High Court said that it did not say? I have said what the court has said.

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