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TMC leader said – BJP has not patented Ram

In the TV debate on Jai Shri Ram’s slogan, the TMC leader said aggressively that the BJP has not patented Ram. He said that Rama symbolized the faith of crores of people. On this, the panelist sitting in the program like BJP said that go and worship Mahishasura.

TMC leader Jitendra Tiwari said that Ram should be taken out of the heart of the temple and the Hindus and stand on the road, how far is this right? If this happens then there will be opposition. He said that BJP did not patent Ram. Ram was not born after becoming BJP. Ram has been a symbol of the faith of Hindus for crores of years. BJP brought Ram on the path for the sake of politics. Our ancestors have believed them since ancient times. He alleged that BJP has a political interest in Ram.

Anchor Amish Devgan said that when Ram’s slogan was raised in the PM’s program, Mamta Didi said that I will not speak. How far was it right. The anchor asked the BJP that you raised your number in Parliament from 2 to 330 seats by raising the slogan of Ram. Now you are raising the slogan of Ram again. Whenever you have chanted the slogan of Jai Shri Ram, your game has been made, the opposition has deteriorated. Anchor’s question was why did you raise the name of Ram in a political program.

Avnijesh Awasthi of BJP said that why the glory of Ram’s name is not understood by Mamta Banerjee. They said that they have the religious freedom to chant the slogan of Jayashreeram. He said that every political party has the right to decide its slogan. What is wrong with you Awasthi said on Durga that everything gets power from there. You go and worship Mahishasura.

Jitendra Tiwari said that why he does not explain Dilip Ghosh about Durga. Why is he insulting Durga Maa? BJP should first go and explain to its state president. The TMC leader said that we have faith in God. To tell this, we do not have to raise slogans in political rallies.

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