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Trump suspended the h1 & h1b visa till the next financial year!!!

US President Donald Trump is considering the suspension of h1b visas, including some other visas that are popular among Indian IT professionals. The reason for this suspension is rising unemployment in the US. Indian IT professionals have the highest demand for h1b visa, so if these schemes of Trump are successful, then these people are sure to suffer the most.

According to a report published in the US newspaper the Wall Street general, the US government may approve this visa suspension decision in the next financial year. Let us tell you that the US fiscal year starts from October 1, at that time many new visas This report has been issued by all officials of the Trump administration, according to which the system will ban the work of any new h1b visa holder outside the country until the suspension is over.

However, those who already have visas available within the country do not need to be affected by this decision. The h1b visa is a non-immigration visa. It allows US companies to employ foreign employees in special technical expertise.

Is given for Many of the h1b visa holders who were working in the US have lost their jobs, due to which they are all returning to India. In such a situation, the administration has discussed increasing the application fee of the h1b visa. The same Nasscom has sought to exempt IT personnel from proposed visa restrictions in the US. NASSCOM says that such workers play many roles in building America’s infrastructure; America needs such IT workers to bring its economy back on track. Health online services are available. Therefore, we want that we should be exempt from visa restrictions.

As the Indian IT professionals are being highly demanded in America & foreign countries so the American government took the decision to cancel the h1b visas. h1b visa is very much popular in India, This step is taken so as to improve the unemployment problem in the US. This step will cause a great effect on the Indian IT persons & Indian market.


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