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TV host told pain – many veteran cricketers did not give me interviews due to being a girl

Pakistan’s well-known sports presenter Zainan Abbas has revealed that many legendary cricketers did not interview him due to being a girl. Zainab spoke to TED Talk about the obstacles in the way of achieving a place in the cricket world. Zainab told of all the unfavorable conditions that she faced as a woman.

Recalling his childhood days, Zainab said that he had to forcefully choose cricket as a sport. Zainab explained, ‘However, sports became my passion. You cannot even imagine how disappointed those parents must have been when they learned that their children left their exams for a sports event. I was so passionate. A few days later it was the World Cup and I decided to watch it and quit all my events. I also saved money during the 2009 T20 World Cup and decided to watch all the games. Eventually, my pocket was empty, but it was all very valuable. ‘

Zainab is the daughter of Pakistani domestic cricketer Naseeb Abbas. Naseer Abbas has played for Faisalabad and Hafizabad teams. Zainab’s mother Andlib Abbas is an MP from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party. Zainab studied MBA from England. Perhaps that’s why Zainab initially thought that he should get a job in the corporate world but soon realized that he was not fit for it. He then decided to pursue his career as a sports presenter, especially cricket anchoring.

Remembering the old things, Zainab said, ‘I had to face a racist (racist), boss. I was the only dark girl in the entire department. He used to target me on every occasion. Eventually, I quit the job and listened to my heart’s voice. Tried to know the truth and decided that I would make my passion my career.

Zainab told, ‘I thought that the sports world would be a guide to the truth. Free from racism, free from bias, but I was quite wrong. He revealed, ‘I got a job opportunity in a major news channel. There was a person sitting there. He tried to prove himself superior and asked me, what is reverse swing? I had a smile on my face because I knew what he was asking about. I politely replied. But he was not very impressed. This is how my journey started.

Zainab said, ‘That incident prepared me to never stop dreaming. My mentor was not there. When I entered the field, people made fun of me, because they believed that women should not talk about sports, women should not play sports; He has no work there.

Zainab had also said a few days ago that many veteran cricketers did not talk to her as she was a girl. Some Pakistani luminaries who believed more in religion were reluctant to share screens with them on TV.

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