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Two Special features for Indian ios 14 users- Apple.

Apple is about to launch iPhone 12 soon. At the same time, iOS 14 will also be rolled out for iPhone users in India. Currently the software is in public beta and can be used, although regular users may have to wait for some more time.

The company is bringing many nice and unique features in many iOS 14 for Indian iPhone users. Apple is bringing a feature in it, in which the song can be searched in the name of the actor instead of the artist in Apple Music. Apart from this, SMS filtering feature will also be added to it.

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Music will be searched according to actor rather than artist
Compared to the global market, music is searched in India by the name of catagoris or artist, because the actor is dancing in Bollywood songs, so the song is identified with the actor. Therefore, Apple is bringing such a feature in iOS 14 to make the work easy for users, in which songs can be searched according to the actor rather than the artist.

Two Special features for Indian ios 14 users- Apple.
image source: BGR

Messages will be automatically categorized
At the same time, SMS filtering will also make the life of Indian users easier. In iOS 14, the message app will categorize and filter the SMS based on the number that users will use. In this, messages with OTP will go into a different category, they will not be mixed with your other messages.

To create this feature Apple has built thousands of phone numbers used by banks, delivery services, cab services etc. in its system with alphanumeric vendor IDs like AX-ICICIB and a smart filtering system. In iOS 14, promotional, transactional and junk will be put into folders. Apple says that the message app in iOS 14 will be able to automatically filter and label SMS.

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You will also get these updates
Apart from these two features, some important updates will also be given to Indian users in iOS 14. iOS 14 must have given 20 new document fonts as well as existing 18 fonts. iOS 14 will support email address in Hindi and other Indian scripts.

Wi-fi will not be needed for updates
Another important feature update for Indian users in iOS 14 is Smart Download. Users will be able to download Siri voice and software updates only on cellular networks, for this, there will be no need for Wi-Fi. Speaking of Siri, it has been given a new Indian voice in iOS 14. Natural text-to-speech technology will be used in this new voice.



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