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UIDAI sets limit for updating Aadhar card know how many times you can make corrections

UIDAI has fixed the limit for updating in Aadhar card. Now as before, changes in the name, address, and date of birth will not be possible in the Aadhar card.

UIDAI sets the limit for updating Aadhar cardUIDAI sets the limit for updating Aadhar card

Aadhar Card Update: Aadhar card has become a very important document in today’s time. Without Aadhaar, the mobile sim is not available, the bank account is not opened and children do not get admission in school. If there is any mistake in your name, address, or date of birth due to wrong information or miss print, then you may have to face some trouble.

If you want to rectify these minor mistakes, then it is very important to know how many times the name, address, date of birth, and gender can be changed in the Aadhar card. This is because the limit has been fixed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Correction in name If Aadhar Card If there is any mistake in your name then you can get it changed at most twice. As per the rules of UIDAI, you can get your name corrected either online or offline.

Change in gender Because of your miss print Aadhar Card If the gender is printed wrong then you may have to face many problems. A notification was issued by UIDAI in this regard in 2019. It was told that if there is any mistake in the gender, then you can change it once, for which you will have to visit the Aadhaar enrollment / updation center.

commonly seen that many people complain that the address in their Aadhar card is wrong. Mistakes like house number, street number in Aadhaar are often wrong. In such a situation, you can get the address updated in your Aadhar card only once.

Correction in date of birth – If you want to make any change in your date of birth, then according to the rules of UIDAI, it can be changed in an interval of three years. That is, if your date of birth in the Aadhar card is three years behind or three years ahead, then it cannot be changed.

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