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Banquet: Union ministers ate salt of farmers

In an attempt to resolve the deadlock over the new agricultural laws, Union Ministers on Wednesday resorted to the traditional convention of ‘Bhoja-Bhaat’. The farmers ate salt. Three Union Ministers joined the farmers’ langar during the lunch break between the talks. Earlier every time, ministers and government officials, and farmers kept eating different food. Even today there was a system of food from the government, but the farmers did not participate in it. However, he did invite ministers to anchor.

Till now, the farmers had not accepted the food and tea and water given by the government in the six rounds of talks. During the meetings, the peasant leaders had made their own food, tea, and snacks, and the government refused to eat at the food they had organized. During Wednesday’s talks, the three Union ministers reached the farmers’ langar and took plates and took food.

According to the farmer leaders, even before this, ministers were invited to the langar. The ministers accepted the invitation for the first time on Wednesday. About two hours after the commencement of the talks at Vigyan Bhavan, a van was brought to the langar for the farmers near the meeting site. A brief lunch break was kept during the talks. The three ministers – Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Food and Railways Minister Piyush Goyal, and Minister of State for Commerce Somprakash – attended the langar with the farmers.

The three ministers took plates and stood in a queue of food in the langar. Many farmer representatives also took photographs with the ministers during this period. Wednesday was the 35th day of the farmers’ demonstration. During the talks, the car of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Committee reached Vigyan Bhawan with the food of 500 people.

The farmers kept reaching the meeting every time with their food. Earlier, on 3 December, farmer leaders turned down government food. He said that he would neither drink tea nor eat government money. They have arrived at Vigyan Bhavan not to have lunch, but to fulfill their demands.

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