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UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma has done this scheme of the post office

Dinesh Sharma, one of the two deputy CMs of Uttar Pradesh, has invested in the PPF scheme of the post office. At the same time, he has also invested in LIC's scheme.

Everyone’s way of investing his money is different. While one invests in shares, mutual funds, or bonds, one invests in fixed deposits, post small investment schemes. On the other hand, there are some smart investors who diversify their invested money. Those who invest money in government schemes and investment schemes of the Modern Era. Today, UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma is going to talk about where he has invested his money. Let us also tell you that after all, which means of earning he has mentioned in his election affidavit.

Stay away from modern investment: UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma stays far away from Modern Investment. Neither has he invested in any mutual fund. Neither is it invested in any bond or debenture. This story is clearly visible in his affidavit.

Invested in this scheme of post office: On the other hand, he has invested a lot in the small savings scheme PPF of the post office. According to the affidavit given in 2017, Dinesh Sharma has invested Rs 22,58,817. This figure is from 2017. It is possible to increase the figure till 2021. Let us tell you that an annual investment of Rs 500 and a maximum of Rs 1.50 lakh can be made in PPF. This scheme can be carried forward for 5 years after maturity.

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Small investments have also been made in LIC: Dinesh Sharma has also invested in LIC and other insurance companies. He and his wife together have invested about one lakh rupees. His wife has invested around Rs 30,000 in insurance. At the same time, Dinesh Sharma himself has invested about 70 thousand rupees.

Lakhs of rupees deposited in banks: Lakhs of rupees are deposited in the bank accounts of Dinesh Sharma and his wife. 27.26 lakh is deposited in both accounts. There is more money deposited in his wife’s accounts. His wife has invested thousands in banks as FDRs.

The total assets are around Rs 3 crore: If we talk about the total assets, then the total assets of Dinesh Sharma and his wife are more than Rs 2.92 crores. Dinesh Sharma’s wife has jewelry worth Rs 13.35 lakh. While housing property worth Rs 2.26 crore is in the name of Dinesh Sharma. Which is at different places in Lucknow.

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