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Water crisis: India’s condition

The water crisis is no longer a crisis associated with a region or country. The situation has deteriorated to the extent that agreements between several countries have also led to large agreements on ordnance purchases and water transactions with commercial consents. It is also interesting to note that despite the three parts of the earth being submerged, this crisis of the human population is increasing day by day in such a way that it is feared that the next world war will be about water.

India is one of the countries where the groundwater level is continuously falling due to excessive water exploitation. India’s share of the world’s population is 16 percent, while potable water is only four percent. Due to reasons like continuously decreasing rains, falling groundwater levels and the effect of climate change on water sources, the availability of water is continuously decreasing, the name of India is included prominently in the countries where it is decreasing.

In 2019, the Government of India announced the Water Life Mission, a major announcement to deliver water to every household in the country by 2024, and by establishing the Ministry of Water as the Ministry of Water Power, an adequate budget was also arranged to ensure time-bound work. .

But the scheme has not yet met the expected success at the ground level. However, this plan has definitely affected that the issue of water has become wider rather than exceptional. The Government of India has allocated 50 thousand crore rupees in the annual budget under the Jal Jeevan Mission for 2021-22, under which the Urban Water Life Mission will be launched with the objective of providing tap water to 2.86 crore households.

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