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What if Kuwait makes this Rule??

According to the English newspaper ‘Arab News’, a provision of a bill being prepared for the migrants as legitimate in the National Assembly of Kuwait.

According to the news, this bill will be sent to different committees. In this bill, it is being said that Indians leaving in Kuwait should be minimized by 15% in Kuwait.

It is been said that approx 8 to 8.5 Lakhs out of 10 lakh Indian’s have to leave Kuwait if this bill gets passed in the assembly. In Saudi Arab a very small country Kuwait whose overall population is 45 lakh in which only 13 lakh is the Kuwatian.

In Kuwait people are from Philipines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka & many other countries people are there but maximum people are from India. It’s being said that after passing of this rule will affect less on the people who came from different but will cause the maximum effect on the people who are from India.

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It is being said that the plan is to reduce the population by 30% from Kuwait. Many times before also the government tried to implement the bill but from the year 2016 raised again after the Saudi Arab brought Absolute Law.

In Absolute Law jobs, opportunities in government departments & companies will be increased for the local Kuwatians. Last year a Kuwaiti MP Khalil Al Saleh said that we need to stop the storm of the migrants in our country as they are grabbing all the opportunities & resources given by the government.

If this bill passes in the Kuwait National Assembly it will be a great problem for the migrant workers who are there from the Asian countries. The main problem is for the Indian migrant workers as there are a maximum number of migrants working in Kuwait from India.

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It is assumed that approx 8 to 8.5 lakh Indian migrants have to leave Kuwait after this Bill. In this situation, it will be a great problem for the migrants as they have to come back to India again & the biggest problem is 8 to 8.5 lakh peoples will be unemployed.

In the current situation of COVID-19, there is a downfall in every business & many people have lost there jobs are stressed up & in tension in that the migrants will have to come back to India again.



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