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What is #5Baje5Minutes? Unemployment.

It is often seen from last some days that the anger of the youth towards the government on several issues like unemployment is increasing rapidly. People facing unemployment staged a protest on 5 September at 5 pm, beating the utensils and clapping for 5 minutes.

Its purpose was to draw attention to the problems of youth lie unemployment to the government. By this, the youth wants to draw the attention of the government and tell them how much employment they need.

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At the same time yesterday, #5Baje5Minutes was also trending on Twitter. This clap, thali, and bell-ringing idea were inspired by the Janata curfew on March 22, 2020. How effective it will be is a different topic in the coming times, but the responsible government has taken the initiative to raise voice against the unemployed.

Let us show you the reaction of some selected people on Twitter –

The youth of the country is very much concerned about the day to day increasing unemployment of the people in the country. Earlier before the corona pandemic, unemployment was very much but due to the corona, the sudden increase in unemployment is being there. People have to leave their jobs. Many employees have been sent on unpaid leaves. The current situation of unemployment is very much alarming for the youth.

To get attention to these topics many people started a unique way to show there protest to the government. People did clapping & ring bells at there roop tops by maintaining proper social distancing.

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Besides that, the current status of the economy has been released from the first quarter. In the first quarter of the economy, the national economy has got a dip of -23.9. This is a huge dip for the nation which is very much alarming for the country.

Adding all these things people called this protest with contacting people on social media & made this a unique way of protest happen yesterday.



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