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Career Tips: Do you also want to earn from freelancing? So know its disadvantages and advantages

Benefits Of Freelancing: Coronavirus has made a profound impact on our society and life. However, perhaps what has affected the most in this past year and a half is the job, the office, the workplace, and the nature of the work. Before Corona, where office and regular work was more important among youth and companies, now the importance of freelancing and remote work has increased. Be it companies or youth, freelancing and remote work are more preferred and it is also proving beneficial. Although working as a freelancer has its advantages, it also has disadvantages.

What is freelancer

Freelancing is a contract-based business where individuals do not work in just one organization but offer their services to multiple clients. Freelancing people are called freelancers. They earn money sitting at home. They can also act as independent consultants on a range of issues, including management, copywriters, or rewriters. They do not have to attend any office in the morning and evening, on the basis of their experience and skills, they can earn money sitting at home according to their time and desire.

Freelancing can be understood as an example if someone is a YouTuber and he makes his own video, but he does not have enough time to edit his video or he does not know video editing. Then he will find someone who can edit his video. On the other hand, you come to video editing. You both got in touch through some freelancing website or any other medium. He gave you the project to do video editing, you completed it in the stipulated time, in return for which you got money. This work is called freelancing. For freelancing, you must have a laptop or computer, the necessary software related to your work, and a good network connection.

Benefits of freelancing

  1. Its biggest advantage is saving time and money. You will not need to follow anyone’s established work rules. You will be able to save on your office commuting expenses as well as the expenses incurred on eating out.
  2. Freelancers have the ability to work anywhere and anytime. There is no special attachment towards which work, there is no need to take leave due to personal reasons, there is no need to wait for holidays to go on a trip with your family. You can work anywhere anytime.
  3. Meetings with clients need not be a waste of time, all work is done remotely.
  4. There is no need to accept anyone’s leadership, the freelancer is his own boss.
  5. Stable income and huge opportunities in this field. If you are continuously working as a freelancer, then your market value will increase, you will also get good money in return for good services.
  6. You will not have to wait for the last days of the month for money, you can get money every day. Working online can be a daily income.
  7. There is an opportunity to advance in the chosen field. For example, if a person has a diploma of journalism, he can provide his independent services as a journalist. You can also work as a copywriter, editor.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

  1. The biggest disadvantage of freelancing is that you cannot get regular income here, if you do not do a job and want to live your life on freelancing, then you may find it difficult.
  2. Freelancers still do not get social support. Vacation and sick leave are not paid here. You need to think for yourself whether to go on vacation or earn money by working.
  3. Freelancers have to work day and night many times, if you are from India and your client is from America, then there will be difference in time zone of both. If you will work awake all night to make communication with your client. Due to this many times the relationship with family and loved ones gets sour.
  4. In the world of freelancing, many times people are also cheated. If you have given a project without taking first payment and your client is not giving you money then your hard work will go in vain.

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