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What will CBI investigate in the Sushant death case…

The most awaited decision came of Supreme Court on which the whole nation has kept an eye on this. The decision was in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.

The day before yesterday Supreme court gave the decision that the investigation of the Sushant Singh’s death will be done by CBI. The decision of the supreme court came at 11:08 Am on 19th August.

The decision was about who will now do the investigation of Sushant Singh’s death. Does the case should be shifted to Mumbai from Patna. There has been a controversy between the two-state Police.

The demand for CBI inquiry was raised by the Bihar government. So it was very much required for the investigation from a neutral investigation body. So one can put any allegation on any of the police.

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What Rhea appealed in Court?

Sushant’s girlfriend of Rhea Chakraborty has also put an appeal in court. Rhea raised some of the points.

1. As the death of Sushant has been happened in Mumbai so the interfare of the Bihar government is not right.

2. The FIR done at Patna should be converted to the Zero FIR & the case should be transferred to the Mumbai. As the investigation is already going on in Mumbai.

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What Court Said.

The Supreme court discussed some of the important points in its decision on Sushant Singh’s case.

1. The court said as when the FIR was filled at Patna, Bihar that time there was no FIR in Mumbai so the FIR at Patna will be considered.

2. FIR filed at Bihar is legal.

What will CBI investigate in the Sushant death case
Supreme Court ordered for the CBI investigation in Sushant deth case

On the other hand, the court has asked for the detailed report from the Mumbai police of investigation done till now.

In its decision court said that Mumbai police has done any such mistakes in investigation. But the court said that the handling of Bihar police would have been improved.

The way Mumbai police handled Bihar police created a lot of doubt of people on the Mumbai police. Court also said that Mumbai police can have cooperated more with the Bihar police.

As the case is handed to CBI now so the court has said Mumbai police to cooperate with CBI people & provide all the documents & files to the CBI team. A special team of three CBI people has been formed.

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Now the first time CBI will be in Mumbai & do the investigation in this case. Before this CBI has registered an FIR & was doing inquiry with Sushant’s father & relatives. Yesterday a team of 3 people of CBI reached Mumbai.

But It’s sad that it took 66 days from deciding who will do the final investigation on the death of SSR.

How will CBI Investigate…

CBI team has reached Mumbai. They will take another one or two days to collect all the documents & pieces of evidence from the Mumbai police.

What will CBI investigate in the Sushant death case
image source: The Sen Times *The CBI team reached the Mumbai Yesterday*

As all the reports of Mumbai police would be in the Marathi language they will be converted.

1. CBI will analyze the Postmortern report

2. The inquiry will be done with the eyewitnesses of the scene.

3. CBI will also see is SSR death is connected to Disha Salian.

4. What Eyewitnesses have seen when the door was opened.

5. The investigation of bank accounts & call details will be done again by the CBI.

According to the sources, CBI will do the inquiry with 6 peoples. In which staff of Sushant is there a friend Sidharth Pithani & Rhea Chakraborty on whom the FIR has been filled from Sushant’s father at Patna, Bihar.

Questions in front of the CBI.

1. What is the truth of Sushant’s death?

2. Sushant death was a suicide or a Murder?

3. Is Rhea Chakraborty is guilty is the SSR death?

4. Is there any connection with the Bollywood with the death of Sushant?

5. Sushant was a depression patient or he was made a patient?

6. What is the truth about 15 crores which are also mentioned on the FIR filed by SSR father?

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