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Whatsapp trapped in privacy chakravyuh, damage control

New Delhi: In the chakravyuh of privacy, the social messaging platform WhatsApp is such that it is no longer being swallowed or swallowed. As soon as WhatsApp talked about implementing its new privacy policy, it became a topic of discussion among the common people from social media. A tweet by Tesla chief Elon Musk added fuel to the fire. What was it again …. WhatsApp came into damage control mode. After cleaning several rounds, the company had to even advertise in the leading newspapers of the country.

WhatsApp recently changed a policy. WhatsApp removed the “opt out” option given to customers for Facebook’s data collection under this change. That is, WhatsApp users no longer have the option of whether they want to share data with Facebook or not. Users immediately took out the meaning that their data will be shared with Facebook. The entire controversy started from here. After this, WhatsApp stated that this privacy setting is only for business customers.

Usually, WhatsApp you and we use will not have any effect on it. Simultaneously WhatsApp also made it clear that you and none of our messages can be read as they are all end to end encrypted. But experts are now questioning the cleanliness of WhatsApp.

What Sandeep Burki, editor of The Mobile Indian said

Sandeep Burki, editor of The Mobile Indian, says that WhatsApp had not previously said that the new privacy setting is only for business users. In such a situation, now when the company is saying this, what will happen to those personal users who have agreed to the new setting of the company. Will their data company be used for target advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram or not? Now a new question has arisen. WhatsApp has not given any explanation on this yet. Overall, WhatsApp is now lagging behind. But, more confusion is spreading than this.

In fact, through the change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp, it was intended to increase the targeted advertising on its other companies Facebook and Instagram. But, now WhatsApp seems to be surrounded on this whole issue.

What did eminent cyber expert Pawan Duggal say?

Renowned cyber expert Pawan Duggal says that what WhatsApp has said today through advertisement is only going to throw dust in the eyes. Even today, on the privacy policy of WhatsApp, it is not written that it is only for business account. Users should keep in mind that WhatsApp can share data not only with Facebook and Instagram but also with third parties.

Duggal says that the new WhatsApp policy says that your personal data will also be shared. Duggal says that those who have accepted the new privacy policy have cut their hands. Duggal says that there is no legal aspect of advertising. The privacy policy is the same.

Due to this whole controversy of WhatsApp, on one side, the number of users on the messaging platform like Telegram and Signal is increasing very fast. On the other hand, it is also a reality that the dependence of WhatsApp users on WhatsApp has increased so much that they are not able to delete it on a large scale.

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