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‘The beginning of life started with NO,’ when Akhtar revealed the secrets of life in front of Harsha

Shoaib Akhtar still holds the record for throwing the ball at the fastest speed. He took 444 international wickets during his career. However, it is hardly known to some that this former Pakistan fast bowler did not have fond of cricket in childhood. Not only this, from childhood to youth no one believed in his ability. Everyone used to say that you cannot do this work. Shoaib Akhtar shared his success story during a conversation with famous commentator Harsha Bhogle.

Harsha Bhogle started the interview and said that I have a very stormy person with me today. They used to say that when they landed on the field, there was a ball in their hands, they used to bowl stormy. And it was often heard that even outside the grounds the style was a bit stormy. Harsha asked Shoaib, ‘The stormy words must have been used with you before.’ Akhtar cut his point and said, ‘The field was stormy. After field, you too have been watching me for many years, tell me when I got stormy. ‘ Harsha said, ‘No, I am talking about playing time right now. It used to be said that everything from Shoaib Akhtar was larger than the line. To this Akhtar said, “That is because of my background.”

Akhtar said, ‘When I started, everything started with No (NO). No you can do this You can’t be a good fast bowler. If you come from a humble background, therefore you cannot touch the level with which you can lead a comfortable life. ‘ Harsha said, “So I wanted to tell people all my life that I can.” Shoaib said, ‘Yes. Life started with no. No. So don’t you don’t I can’t, I can, I can. By doing, doing, doing, he converted energy into me – I became a star. ‘

Akhtar said, ‘However, I was not fond of playing cricket. My brother took me to cricket. One boy was shot. So those people said to my brothers, man, feed your younger brother. I was 14-15 years old at that time. At this, Harsha laughingly asked, “At that time you must have been bowling at a speed of only 135”. To this Akhtar said, ‘No, there was a runup of 135. Gave me the ball I went to that… back. He said that his brother has to bowl, not field. I said please run this. This is called runup. Then I took a runup of 135 steps. The first ball I bowled so fast that everyone was surprised. They all started saying that my brother, your brother bowls very well.

Shoaib said, ‘I had not played cricket for two years. Majid Khan came to play a club cricket match. My elder brother requested him, please take Shoaib to your club. If he plays in the club, then something will probably happen. It has nothing to do with studies. After that I became a part of Majid Khan’s club and from there I went up the stairs of success. ‘

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