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When Appa tried to sit between Dharmendra and Hema, Dharmendra was also very naughty ..

People like to see the evergreen couple of Hema Malini and Dharmendra together. Dharmendra Hema’s amazing chemistry on screen was equally magical in real life. Hema says that when she first met Dharmendra, she had no idea that Dharmendra would become her life partner. Hema had also told that her appa was not happy with Hema and Dharmendra’s relationship.

In such a situation, there was also a time when Dharmendra and Hema were at a location in connection with the shooting, Hema’s father also went on a shoot with him. In Rajat Sharma’s show Aapki Adalat, Hema Malini told that when she first met Dharmendra, at that time she did not think that she would marry Dharmendra. Hema had said- ‘I did not think that at all. It was realized after a few years. ‘

Hema Malini’s father was not happy with this relationship. When Hema’s father came to know about him and Dharmendra, he was very angry. Hema Malini had said on this – ‘This is very natural because he was married.’

There is an anecdote when Dharmendra and Hema were shooting in Malta. At the same time, Hema’s father also went on a shoot with him. There was a car in which three people were to be seated in the back seat. Recalling this anecdote, Hema Malini had a laugh. Reacting to the actress, she said- ‘Where did you get all this story from?’

After this on the show, Rajat Sharma asked Hema Malini – ‘Your father used to try to sit between you two. On this, Hema Malini had said with a laugh – ‘So it is that the rest of the fathers will also treat their girls in the same way.’

After this Rajat Sharma had asked- ‘Is it also true that Dharam Paji was very naughty and used to find some opportunity to sit with you? Hema Malini laughs at this blush. Hema says that Dharmendra is in love with her, so he will do all this. He will do this to reach them.

Let us tell, Dharmendra and Hema got married on 2 May 1980, exactly 5 years after the release of the 1975 film Sholay. Dharmendra already had a wife – Naam Prakash Kaur. She was married to Prakash Kaur in 1954. At that time, Dharmendra was only 19 years old. They both have four children, two sons Sunny-Bobby Deol and two daughters Ajeta-Winner. Later in the year 1979, Dharmendra got married to Hema Malini without divorcing Prakash Kaur. Dharmendra-Hema Malini has worked together in nearly 30 films. Hema and Dharmendra have two daughters – Esha Deol and Ahana Deol.

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